Earthshine is a privately held company based in San Juan, Puerto Rico that plans, develops and implements innovative solutions for infrastructure projects throughout the Caribbean. Our experience in the areas of energy, transportation, water, communications, and other infrastructure sectors for industry, commerce, government and communities allows us to provide comprehensive solutions.  As a total solutions provider in infrastructure, we provide first contact, consulting, planning, concept development, project management, startup and operations services as well as engineering and strategic team building for large projects.

Our Mission:

  • Identify and bring to market products and services for the energy, electric power, water, transportation, and other infrastructure sectors, with emphasis on reliable and efficient technologies which are of higher quality and value than competing products and services, and whose differentiating features and benefits can be easily understood by customers.
  • Become environmental stewards, positively impacting the environment, the quality of life, and the economy through the successful market penetration of these products and services.
  • Become the leaders in infrastructure products and services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
Our Vision:

Earthshine Corp. has a simple vision:  to grow our position in the infrastructure products and services industry offering innovative, reliable, smart, flexible, and timely solutions.

Building on our management team's successful history of project development, environmental stewardship, and technology implementation, we will continue to work with our industry partners, customers, and clients to meet the ever increasing challenges in satisfying Puerto Rico's and the Caribbean's infrastructure needs.