Why Work With Us

We have a proven track record in helping our partners to successfully do business in Puerto Rico.

1.    You want to do business in Puerto Rico, in particular with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewers Administration (PRASA), Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies, public corporations,  government agencies, or other companies.

  • We have the local knowledge, contacts, and experience to help you navigate pitfalls
  • These are some of the types of companies that have sought our help and are now doing business in Puerto Rico because of our efforts:
    • Natural Gas Infrastructure Developer
    • Roadway LED Lighting Manufacturer
    • Renewable Energy Developers (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Waste-to-Energy, Landfill Gas)
    • Utility-Grade Communications Equipment Manufacturer
    • Medium and High Voltage Product Manufacturers
    • Automation and Controls Software Developers
  • See Who We Work With for more details

2.    You are interested in developing infrastructure, or marketing products and services related to Natural Gas

We are Puerto Rico's natural gas experts, combining:

  • Access to and experience working with PREPA, its subsidiaries, and the Government of PR
  • Knowledge of US and Worldwide Natural Gas and LNG Markets, and of NG/LNG Infrastructure
  • Experience in developing the Caribbean’s first Floating LNG Storage and Regasification terminal
  • Access to key US and international NG and LNG players
  • Knowledge of Federal and PR laws and regulations
  • Knowledge of PREPA needs, requirements, practices
  • Knowledge of Puerto Rico’s and the Caribbean's energy situation

3.   You are interested in developing and implementing a strategic sourcing project in your company

  • We are experienced in the development and implementation of strategic sourcing initiatives
  • Our Management Team has a track record of delivering over $725 million in savings to one of the largest Fortune 500 companies
4.    You need local engineering services in support of infrastructure projects, including renewable energy and medium/high voltage projects
  • We are experts in overall energy infrastructure including generation, transmission, and distribution, with particular experience in interconnection to PREPA's medium and high voltage electric power transmission and distribution grid